Monday, February 15, 2010

Missing Katherine

Hi Friends,

I have written a new post, but felt it was more appropriate to post it as a 'p.s.' on Katherine's Mom's Blog.

You can check it out here:

oh, heck, will somebody tell me how to do a link? In the meantime, click on the underlined address in the left column. (That was just for any other old lady technophobes who might be reading.)


  1. Just in case no one has emailed you about creating a link:

    When you're typing the blog post type the address, then highlight it, then click the button above next to font color that looks like a chain link and a beach ball. When prompted, type the website (or cut and paste) address into the box and say ok. Tada! =)

  2. Thank you, Katie!

    It worked!

    will you be my technology assistant?

    I'm a very slow learner.

  3. Yay! I'm glad I could be helpful. I don't claim to be a professional but I am married to one which has taught me how to troubleshoot things better. We've been in Athens this week visiting my friends and family and I have thought of y'all often as we drive by Athens Academy, Westlake area, the church Jay and Katherine got married at...I just wish I could do more to help than teach you how to do links. If you do have other technical questions, I'll try to help as best I can =) Now back to the west coast for us in the morning!



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