Friday, February 26, 2010

P.A.P.S. (Pretty amazing post script):

A precious friend of Katherine's has a connection to the manager of the movie star mentioned in the previous blog. She forwarded her the link to the blog.

The manager sent back this message:

Funny enough, I knew all about her encounter with them. She called me as she drove away and said how she had met this incredible woman and her mother. Funny how the world works... Really wonderful story. I sent this to her. Thanks again. Xo 

Yes, it is so very funny how the world works, isn't it?


  1. Cool!

    Checked back on the previous post and saw your comment re: beignet story. I agree, I think our families sound a lot alike. I think that is one of the reasons Katherine's story has resonated so strongly with me. I see my mother in you. I see my husband in Jay.

    I do NOT see myself in Katherine. I doubt I will ever be that amazing. But it's nice to have someone to set the standard!

  2. You are an amazing family! What a blessing you all have each other.

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