Thursday, April 15, 2010


Posted this on "KMB" this morning:


I'm sure most of you visiting this site have seen these before, but in case anyone hasn't, I'm posting them all together. Seeing the before and after in close juxtaposition does seem to illustrate the impact of Katherine's AVM rupture more vividly.

*Clips from "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?":

*Testimony at First Baptist, Florence, MS:

*Testimony at First Baptist, Montgomery:

Katherine and Jay will be speaking at Bel Air Presbyterian in Los Angeles this coming Sunday.


  1. Thank you for posting these. I cried during my lunch hour while watching them, as I always do whenever I read anything about Katharine or talk about Katharine to others. Her story has touched my life and renewed my faith in God in ways I can't even begin to describe. What a beautiful woman, both physically and spiritually. I continue to pray for her every day. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  2. Sniff, sniff.... Tears of joy, sadness & rejuvenation of the spirit.... What a powerful combo!

  3. These are amazing videos - the power of pictures and words. The thing that struck me most when I watched them was Jay and Katherine's quiet humility and sweet spirit. Their presence alone shows the power of God. Their sheer abandonment to God - with acceptance and purpose - is as BIG a miracle to me as her physical progress. Keep sharing - for him who has ears to hear..

  4. thank you.

    i was moved to tears.

    and shared about your blog, on my blog.

    please let me know if you'd rather i didn't.

    i think your family's story is a beautiful example of god's love and the power of family.

    much love to you

    xoxo lisa

  5. that little ps from the 14th--"change is in the wind" .....Curiosity killed the cat! When will we find out?

  6. Thank you, Kim, for posting all of these together. I have followed your and Katherine's blogs for awhile, and have seen most of the videos at least once, but today as I rewatched/watched them, it touched me in a different way. You see, my Aunt's life is hanging in the balance at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston. She is experiencing very grave, life threatening difficulties following a stem cell transplant for luekemia, that was in remission, but was certain to come roaring back at some point. Due to the complications, (pnuemonia, liver and kidney issues to name a few), we have also been told that she will probably not survive. But like Katherine's, her ICU room is also overfilled with the power of prayers and every day that she is alive, brings her one day closer to maybe, just maybe surviving this serious ordeal. I was struck by a few things that Katherine said during her testimony; about the natural laws being suspended, and how what is true in the light is true in the dark. With tears streaming down my face, I am reminded that God's plan is perfect and I pray that the natural laws are suspended for my Aunt Trudy as well. Kim, as difficult as the circumstances are for all of you, thank you for sharing and offering hope to others. It means more than you know.

  7. Hi Kim!! My husband and I met Katherine and Jay today and got to hear their story. We loved it. They are both so amazing. I sent you an email about it and responded to the email you sent me. God Bless you on your travels! Marielle



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