Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthing a Baby


I’ve stalled long enough.

Tap-danced as long as I can.

When a baby wants to be born, there’s not much you can do but push.

Deep breath. (Many breaths.)

So, everyone take a look at the little “welcome” blurb on the left. Remember…it says “this is not the final product…blah, blah, blah.”

“In the Meantime…” has been a holding ground while the baby’s been developing and growing.

Personally, I think it’s a bit premature. There are still plenty of imperfections and immaturities.

But I’m feeling more than a little celestial pressure to push.

I must warn you that this new baby is different from its predecessors.

My hopes are that it will be simultaneously more profound and more profane; both more poetic and more prosaic.

More mundane and mystical…

trivial and extraordinary.

Because life is all of  these things.

For instance, we might discuss hemorrhoids one day, Marx’s Theory of Dialectical Materialism the next. Menopot on Monday, Tolstoy on Tuesday.

Weddings on Wednesday, Tillich on Thursday.

Freesia on Friday.

Get it? Both more substance and more fluff. A greater range of topic matter. From Anthropologie to theology and zoologie.

(Just kidding about the zoology part… ‘artistic license.’  You do know when I'm kidding, right?)

Hopefully, this baby will be even more real.

I do not invite you to join me in this new adventure…at this new location… without some trepidation and much hesitation. Who do I think I am? Some cyberesque Pied Piper, forcing you to bounce all over the internet trying to keep up with me? “Follow me,” I beg, flitting from site to site…trying to make up my mind where to land.

Hopefully, this will be it for a while. Moving’s not much fun, whether it’s actual or virtual. Change is uncomfortable. But I’m tired of hanging around the pool, dangling my legs over the side. Sometimes, you just have to take the plunge into the icy water. (It helps if Someone gives you a little shove from behind.)

Eventually, it’ll warm up. I’ll warm up. And start to feel comfortable floating around in my new environment. 

I hope (and pray) that you will too.

So please (pretty please) “follow me” one last time, to meet my new baby.

She's kind of a weird one, but I think you'll grow to like her eventually. Same mama as the previous two. 


You are cordially invited to

Meet Margery

Today, Tomorrow, Whenever...



p.s. If anyone has ever questioned my sanity, this will give you a definitive answer. For many, many reasons.

(I surely do hope that the lady who said she'd read about me picking my toes is still around.)

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  1. Sanity, I have been trying to figure that out about myself for a long time!

    YES, I am excited to follow you, you have become part of my dailey "AHA" moment!



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