Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Katherine!

...28 years of love...


  1. Dear Ms. Arnold,

    I found your family's story quite by accident but I am very much and completely inspired by what I've read from you and your daughter.

    I am a proud Athenian.

    Brian Smith
    Athens, GA

  2. Hi Kim - just a quick note to say "hello". I am still here - never left your blogs/ posts :) I love them all and always get something out of them.
    Love to you all,

  3. Happy birthday to Katherine! 28 will be a GREAT year!

  4. Kim - I work at Samford and have been following Katherine's story and your writings from the beginning. I enjoy your honesty, wit, intelligence and authenticity. But more than that, I love how you always point the reader to our Savior! He deserves our praise in ALL ways! I continue to lift your precious Katherine up to Him and try to remember to pray for all of you. May His grace and blessings continue to rain down on you and your family in supernatural ways. I spur you on to continue to tell of His love. Terri

  5. You are a blessing to us! I have laughed,
    cried and learned from your writings! You are
    an inspiration to me! Happy Birthday to

  6. Dear Kim, I have been listening to you since this particular journey with Catherine began. And yes, we are out here with you. Praying, weeping, laughing, and soaking in the way you can formulate into words what we also think and feel. But Kim, just as you feel your computer angst and insecurity so do we! So, I don't often join in the writing back, I am more of a talker!, and I am totally out of my league on a computer.. you are stretching us over 50somethings to join in with you!! But, Here goes.. don't stop reminds us of the realness of what you all are going thru and for us to continue praying for dear Catherine.. she has touched so many lives... To our audience of ONE who we love..leigh



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